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Posté par felie le 22/10/2006 19:23:29 (18541 lectures)

The program for the First International Conference on Open Source Collaborative Development Platforms is now defined:

Conference Topics
Instructions to Authors
Cost of participation:

The development of Free (Libre) and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is a complex process with many technical, social and economical aspects.

The key to a successful Open Source Economy is the capacity of the FLOSS communities to collaborate, this collaboration has been implemented with a variety of formal and informal methodologies supported with a set of tools providing critical services, for instance:

* Version management
* Bug Tracking
* Packaging tools
* Distribution tools
* Support and collaboration Forums and Instant messaging systems
* Documentation support tools.

Methods and tools continues to emerge, evolve, and spread as the FLOSS global phenomenon spans and connects culture, technology, and organization.
FLOSS is one of the most interesting, successful and controversial technology related phenomenon.
The collaboration tools and methods are the backbone of the FLOSS development, but unfortunately many users of FLOSS see the result but not the process and therefore have trouble to manage the transition from FLOSS user to “Full membership”.
Particularly the public sector still fails in many case to fully reap the benefits of an Open Source Strategy because of this.
The goal of the Héphaïstos 2006 is to provide an international forum where a diverse audience of FLOSS researchers, and decision makers can share their experience and explore the culture, methodologies, technologies and tools that enable an efficient collaboration between teams that share a common goal but not a common line of command.
Héphaïstos 2006 will bring together members of the academia, industry, open source community and public administration to share experiences, ideas, and concerns.
The Héphaïstos conference will be an opportunity to share research papers, workshops, tutorials, panels, and project demonstrations.

For any further information request concerning the conference organisation please write to or call Patrick Sinz +33 685 37 87 28. To submit a paper please write to